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In this video tutorial, Jeannette reviews how to properly complete an enrollment using the new Ascend platform.

The South East Region recap begins with the Georgia plans. Jump to 10:00 for Alabama,15:14 for South Carolina,

and  26:50 for North Carolina.

Here is the North East Region starting off with New York plans. Jump to15:29 for Vermont, 20:50 for Maine, 28:56 for New Hampshire, and 35:30 for New Jersey.

In this video, Centene covers some of the states that we missed in the meeting on September 7th. Skip to 2:20 for Pennsylvania, 40:35 for Wisconsin, and 45:46 for Illinois.

Here is the recording from the agency-wide zoom meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 2pm to kick-off AEP.

The Mid-west recap begins with the Michigan WellCare plans. Jump to 30:21 for Ohio, and 45:45 for Kentucky.

PA, IL, WI, and IN will be covered at a later date TBD.

The South West Region begins with Arkansas. Skip to 24:42 for Missouri, 42:20 for Kansas, 1:04:16 for Tennessee, 1:09:50 for Mississippi, and 1:11:50 for Louisiana.

Here is the West Coast region, states discussed are

Arizona and Nevada. Jump to 30:31 for WellCare in Arizona 41:00 for Nevada.

To get certified with all of the other carriers, please visit thediv.com/certs

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