Survive & Thrive With Diversified!

If you are an agent who finds yourself asking these questions:

  • How can I conduct business in the age of social distancing? 

  • I’m not sure how to approach my clients and prospects in the age of social distancing, what are my options?

Look no further... Diversified has the technological tools and innovations

to sustain your business and support you, amidst the crisis.

The companies we work from home with are going to let you operate non face-to-face: 

Occidental Life
American Amicable
Columbian Financial Group

What to expect:

  1. Engage with clients on non-face to face sales (Telesales)

  2. Adapt business practices

  3. Remote Applications with Electronic Policy Delivery

  4. Sense of security continuation for clients

  5. "Point of Sale Decision" functionality in place with carriers 

  6. Diversified Staff on-call for all of your business needs

Use the innovation Diversified can offer you to be a successful leader in the insurance industry!

Partner with us now so when this is over, you are first priority for:

  • Free Booked Appointments from Direct-Carrier Leads

  • Fully vested renewal streams

  • TOP agent commissions for Life, Health, and Annuity products

  • Keep the contract relationships you currently have

  • Work with an FMO that truly markets for you and tailors a plan that makes sense!

Call us at (973)-233-6840 or provide your contact information and we'll send you a contract. 

It's that simple.


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